What is FSD, FFD and RFD deck?

The choice of the deck depends upon where and how will be used your inflatable boat. The boats’ decks are usually made of waterproof sea plywood of a different thickness. For AQUASTAR boats three types of deck are used: FSD, FFD, RFD. 1. FAST SEMI-RIGID DECK It is... read more

Some advice for those who wants to buy a rowing boat

So, you’ve decided to buy a boat. Congratulations! Now you can organize your free time in the way you always wanted. Please read this article and maybe you’ll find something useful for you. First of all think of the conditions in which you will use the boat, how many... read more

How the weather influences on motor power

Gentle French word «glisseur» means light-weighted, fast-moving vessel, able to move on a water at the high speed. Planning mode is an ability of a vessel to move on water surface only because of water pressure. Water resistance in a planning mode decreases and the... read more

Why AQUASTAR boats are lighter

There is one quite popular question – why AQUASTAR boats are lighter than other similar boats? So, the weight of the boat depends on: – the density of the material it is made from; – the presence of a collapsible bottom; – the type of material the... read more

How the weather influences on motor power

All those who came out in their inflatable boat into the water at different times of the day noted that their boats behave differently, not as they were expected. Early in the morning the boat is almost “flying”on the water but the higher the sun and the hotter the... read more

Planning mode

There are three modes of boats’ movement: displacement mode, transitional mode and planning mode. Water displacement mode The vessel has the same draft, and the displacement is equal to the weight of the vessel at the movement, as well as without it. The movement in... read more