The most popular boat. Its length is 2,49 m, its width is 1,30m, it has two hermetic chambers and diameter of tubes is 0,34m. In many countries you don’t have to register a boat if it’s less than 2,5 meters long.

This is a double boat, with comfortable adjustable seats. It’s made of special reinforced PVC material, which density is 900 grams/m2. The fabric is ultraviolet-, gasoline- and oil– resistant and withstands thousands of bending.

You can install the outboard transom for the electric engine on your boat. The transom frame is made of metal, it can be connected to the transom wheels, making boat transportation easy and convenient.

You can install two types of decks on the boat: FSD and FFD. You can stand quite steadily in the boat with both types of deck.

The boat is packed into 150 liters hermetic backpack, that also can be used as a water container or rescue buoy. Basic set includes paddles, pump, seats and repair kit as well. They are packed separately.

Our basic set of accessories for this boat is richer than similar boats of another manufacturers. It includes the following useful options that you don’t have to pay for:

  • Outboard protection along the outer side of the tubes.
  • Anchor groove at the prow for protection of the frame’s material from wiping by the anchor rope.
  • Four handles. Two handles at the “cheekbones” of the boat. One at the prow, and one – at the stern for easy moving the boat. The handles also protect the boat when moored by the bow or stern to the pier.
  • Safety rope.
  • Regulated system of seats’ fixation all over the length of the tube, that allows to install the seats in the most comfortable position.
  • Mountings for the outboard transom.