Keel motor boat with rigid collapsible deck and inflatable keelson. С-310RFD is built on the basis of a flat-bottomed CAIMAN series motor boats.  It is a good choice for tourists, fishermen and divers, as the boat’s technical parameters provide sufficient comfort and security for its owner.

The boat is 310 cm long and 158 cm short. The tubes diameter is 43 cm, the maximum payload is up to 320 kg. The lateral side of the boat can withstand 150 kg weight, so you can sit safely on it. The boat will not turn over. This boat is designed for three people, but if you choose it for fishing it can comfortably accommodate only two people.

Basic set of accessories includes:

  • wide outboard protection with splash-cutting wing along the whole boat
  • anchor groove at the prow to protect the frame’s material from wiping by the anchor rope
  • towing bracket
  • seven handles to lift and carry the boat easily
  • safety rope
  • protective bumper at the upper side of the transom
  • spray-repelling plates between the transom and tube to protect boat from water sprays
  • regulated system of seats’ fixation all over the length of the tube
  • protective handle on the keelson air valve
  • rigid RFD collapsible deck with longitudinal mounting beams – stringers
  • draining valve is installed at the transom
  • additional outboard protection is installed in the middle outside the bottom
  • seats, oars, pump, repair kit
  • hermetic 220 liters backpack from reinforced PVC.

The boat perfectly glides on water with an engine capacity of 5-6 horsepower, showing a speed of about 20 km/hour. Maximum speed for this boat with an engine capacity of 15 horsepower is 45 km/hour. The boat starts gently, the prow does not ride up, the boat goes into planning mode at once. Aggressively raised prow section helps the boat to ride over the waves easily and protects the inner space of the boat from water splashes.

The boat is made of strong five-layer reinforced PVC material with the density of 950 grams/m2. Special black inserts are used to protect the most damage-risky parts of the boat: “cheekbones”, conus and bottom. They are produced from 1080 grams/m2 density fabric. The material doesn’t decay, its ultraviolet-, gasoline- and oil– resistant and withstands thousands of bending.

The boat and accessories are packed into a backpack and two bags. Waterproof backpack is very convenient in use, it can serve as a water container or a rescue buoy. Seats, paddles and pump are packed separately in one bag. The deck is also packed in separate bag.