Why AQUASTAR motor boats have such a shape of compensators?

The only purpose of compensators – is to compensate the power of motor and not to let the boat to wamble. Inflatable boats are very light comparing to not-inflatable boats. It’s very easy to wamble the inflatable boat even with small-power motor. Calculation of the length of the compensator is quite simple.

It’s necessary to take into consideration the following:

  • maximum load to the stern;
  • maximum motor power:
  • stability characteristics of the boat under condition of maximum allowed angle of prow rise of 75º.

To check the theoretical calculations, we conducted the practical tests in order to determine the air volume in compensators that will not let the prow rise higher than 60º. All AQUASTAR boats passed such tests.
We used the following data for our calculations and tested the boats in real life:

  • Two man onboard, total weight 200 Kg;
    • Four-stroke motors 5HP and 15HP;
    • Fuel tank 30 Kg;
    • Two anchors, 15 Kg each;
    • Two sets of fishing gear, 15 Kg;
    • Food and water, 10 Kg.

Based on calculations and tests, the current shape and volume of compensators were fixed for each model of AQUASTAR motor boats. The boat will not wamble with such a payload during sharp acceleration at full engine power. That’s why AQUASTAR boats have longer compensators than some other producers.

If you compare AQUASTAR boat to any same-size boat of another maker, you’ll see that the length of the cockpit is practically the same. That’s because the shape of compensators at AQUASTAR boats allows to install the transom plate at the edge of compensators and tubes. The transom of another makers’ boat is installed much more far from this edge, deeper inside the boat.

Maybe you think the difference is not so big, but we are confident that safety of our customers is more important than some extra centimeters of the cockpit. We are sure that no money in the world worth a human life.