D-275 RFD


It’s a light motor flatboat 310 cm long and 130 cm wide. It has three hermetic chambers with 34 cm tubes diameter.

The boat is designed for two people and can carry up to 300 kg.

Basic set of accessories includes:

  • additional outboard protection alongside the tubes
  • anchor groove at the prow to protect the frame’s material from wiping by the anchor rope
  • towing bracket
  • five handles to transport the boat easily
  • safety rope
  • protective bumper at the upper side of the transom
  • spray-repelling plates between the transom and tube, protecting from penetration of water sprays
  • regulated system of seats’ fixation all over the length of the tube.

The boat easily rides over the waves due to the aggressively raised prow section. Raised prow also prevents inner part of the boat from water splashes. The boat goes easily on paddles and perfectly glides through the water with an electric motor. Collapsible hermetic oars are installed into the pin-type rowlocks. Maximum engine power for this model is 5 horse powers. This is enough to reach the speed of 25 km/hour.

The boat is made of strong five-layer reinforced material, which density is 900 grams/m2. The material doesn’t decay, its ultraviolet-, gasoline- and oil– resistant, hard to break with the hook and withstands thousands of bending.

The boat is sold without deck. It is possible to install two types of decks to the boat: FSD or FFD.  Rigid decks will make the boat more stable and you can stand or seat in your boat quite steadily.

The boat can be easily transferred into the keel boat in the nearest AQUASTER service center. Or you can do it yourself if you purchase inflatable keelson.

The boat is packed into 180 liters backpack that can be used as a container for water of rescue buoy if needed. Seats, pump, paddles and repair kit are also included into the basic set of accessories and are packed into separate bag.