What is FSD, FFD and RFD deck?

The choice of the deck depends upon where and how will be used your inflatable boat. The boats’ decks are usually made of waterproof sea plywood of a different thickness. For AQUASTAR boats three types of deck are used: FSD, FFD, RFD.

43. FSD + BoatIt is type of boat deck consisting of three plywood sheets fixed at the sides with the help of special soft connectors. Installed deck is fixed by the high pressure in tubes. The deck covers the bottom of the boat only where it is needed. FSD deck can be assembled and removed within 10 seconds. It is made of water-resistant plywood, 9 mm thick with a special anti-slip coating. FSD deck is light weighted, compact and takes up very little space when folded. It’s a good budget solution for inflatable rowing boats.



45. FFD + BoatThis type of deck completely covers the boat bottom. It strengthens the bottom and makes it much harder The boat becomes more stable, faster and much more comfortable. You can stand up in the boat, walk and even jump. You can use a folding chair. The deck is very light, compact and does not require much time for assembling and removing. It is made of durable water-resistant marine plywood, 6 mm thick, smooth on one side and rough, with anti-slip coating with the other.


D RFD z all - копия

The most common type of deck for keel motor boats.  It is a removable rigid collapsible deck where all elements are connected with stringers. It has a system of transverse aluminum locks for quick installation. Hard flooring in combination with stringers makes the boat almost monolithic, not subjected  to the power of waves. The deck is made of waterproof plywood 12mm thick and takes up a little space while folded.


Unique features of AQUASTAR boats is that our customer, depending on his needs, can install different types of decks. More detailed information what kind of decks can be applied for certain models, you can find in Description of the boats’ models.