To keep the boat steady on a place you want you will definitely need an anchor. No matter what type of boat you have and what you are doing on it – the anchor must be present on your board.

To determine a suitable anchor for your boat you have to learn two important rules:

  • the anchor’ s weight must be 1% from the total boat payload;
  • the anchor’ s weight in kilograms is equal to the length of the boat in meters.

Before you choose an anchor analyze where are you going to use your boat. Is it a river with flow and wind, or is it a small and quiet lake with still water?

More advanced and experienced users prefer to have two anchors, especially when they are going to the sea coast for 2 or 3 days. One anchor is for the bow of the boat, the other is for the stern. It sounds reasonable, especially if the place where you go is not familiar to you.

The variety of anchors is really impressive. The most common, simple and cost-effective is anchor “cat”.

It is almost ideal for PVC boats. It is compact, inexpensive, and takes up very little space when folded.

AQUASTAR company presents another two popular anchor types: mushroom anchor and chamomile anchor. Mushroom anchor has the weight range from 3.8 to 9.3 kg. Chamomile anchor with three petals has the weight ranging from 3.9 to 13 kg. You can always pick up an anchor for your boat whether it is a rowing or a motor boat.