KILLER-WHALE series boats are the biggest boats with the best characteristics: load capacity, safety and stability.

Basic set of accessories for KILLER WHALE series boats includes:

  • The draining valve is installed at the transom.
  • Additional outboard protection is installed in the middle of the outer side of the bottom.
  • Wide outboard protection with splash-cutting wing alongside the whole boat.
  • Anchor groove at the prow to protect the frame’s material from wiping by the anchor rope.
  • Towing bracket.
  • Seven carrying handles to transport the boat quite easily.
  • Safety rope.
  • Protective bumper at the upper side of the transom.
  • Spray-repelling plates between the transom and tube.
  • Regulated system of seats’ fixation all over the length of the tube.
  • Protection handle under the keelson air valve.

KILLER WHALE series boats are produced from the strong special boat fabric, which doesn’t decay, its ultraviolet-, gasoline- and oil– resistant. They are designed for sailing in coastal waters under up to 2 meters height of the waves. KILLER WHALE series AQUASTAR inflatable boats are being produced using the welding method. It gives advantage to our boats in the sea comparing to glued boats. Sea water contains bacterium that eat glue and destroy the glued frame. There is no such problem with welded frame.

The shape of the bottom, deadrise, shape and dimensions of inflatable keelson, all angles, redans and turns are designed to reach the most comfortable and speedy ride.  The boats have a rapid shape, start the planning mode easily and don’t need a powerful engine. Any AQUASTER KILLER-WHALE series boat can reach the speed of 40 – 43 km/h with the engine of 15 hp.

Bottom, deck and inflatable keelson creates a system working as a shock absorber. The boat con ride at high speed over small waves without any jolting. Special attention is given to AQUASTAR biggest models K-400 and K-430 that have three inflatable keelsons on them.

MODEL К-350 К-370 К-400 К-430
Length, М 3,50 3,70 4,00 4,30
Width, М 1,75 1,77 1,85 1,91
Tube diameter, М 0,45 0,46 0,50 0,53
Payload, Kg 550 620 850 950
Max number of persons 5 6 7 8
Quantity of hermetic chambers 3+1 3+1 3+3 3+3
Material density, Gr/М2 1100 1100 1100 1100
Length of cockpit, М 2,30 2,50 2,70 3,00
Width of cockpit, М 0,85 0,85 0,85 0,85
Max motor power, НP 20 25 30 35
Type of seats mount Adjustable along all length of tube
Anchor groove Available Available Available Available
Outboard protection alongside the tubes Available Available Available Available
Safety rope Available Available Available Available
Number of handles for carrying 7 7 7 7
Category С С С С
Weight of the boat in backpack without accessories, Kg 31 33 35 38
Dimensions of the packed boat, М 1,4*0,6*0,4 1,4*0,6*0,4 1,4*0,6*0,4 1,4*0,6*0,4
Accessories oars + pump + seats + repair kit
Weight of accessories in separate bag, Kg 9,6 9,6 9,6 9,6
Dimensions of bag with accessories, M 1,3*0,24*0,06 1,3*0,24*0,06 1,3*0,24*0,06 1,3*0,24*0,06
Deck With inflatable keelson. Collapsible. With longitudinal stringers.
Optional decks RFD RFD RFD RFD
Weight of RFD deck in separate bag, Kg 24,2 26 27 29,2
Dimensions of the bag with deck, M 1,05*0,7*0,1 1,05*0,7*0,1 1,05*0,7*0,1 1,05*0,7*0,1

Model K-350

Model K-370

Model K-400

Model K-430

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