The owners compare this boat to a serious off-road car. It is 430 cm long and 191 cm wide. The boat is really big and strong, with 53 cm tubes diameter. Spacious and capacious boat has six hermetic chambers –three in the frame and three in keelson. It goes very softly, perfectly dumps the waves and shoes great characteristics of stability and safety.

The boat can take 950 kg on board. It is designed for eight people. You can easily take ten people on board, but without luggage. You can sit at the folding chairs inside the boats. If you remove the seats, you’ll get an excellent table.

Divers and hunters are really happy about this boat due to its size and steadiness.

We should also mention that one person can assemble the boat during 20 minutes since the moment when the boat is packed into the bag till its readiness to start riding. Disassembling takes 15 minutes.

The boat is equipped with everything necessary to start using it immediately:

  • Additional outboard protection is installed in the middle of the outer side of the bottom. Inflatable keelson creates a bump at this place, which is contacting with the shore during mooring and casting off from the shore. This place is protected at AQUASTAR boats.
  • Wide outboard protection with splash-cutting wing along the whole boat.
  • Anchor groove at the prow for protection of the frame’s material from wiping by the anchor rope.
  • Towing bracket.
  • Seven handles installed at the prow, at the sides and at the stern. It makes it easy to carry or pull the boat at any position.
  • Safety rope.
  • Protective bumper at the upper side of the transom.
  • Spray-repelling plates between the transom and tube. They are protecting from penetration of sprays and water streams inside the boat when speed is down or in reverse mode.
  • Regulated system of seats’ fixation all over the length of the tube, that allows to install the seats in the most comfortable position.
  • Protective handle under the air valve of keelson. This handle has protected a huge number of our clients from injuring their fingers during boat assembling.
  • Oars, pump, seats, repair kit.

The boat is packed into three bags. The boat is packed into the bag #1. Oars, seats and pump are packed into the bag #2. The deck is packed into the bag #3. It is much easier to transport the boat due to such distributing of total weight.

You can select the color of your boat: green, white, blue, red and camouflage.