Лодка на глиссере


Gentle French word «glisseur» means light-weighted, fast-moving vessel, able to move on a water at the high speed. Planning mode is an ability of a vessel to move on water surface only because of water pressure. Water resistance in a planning mode decreases and the speed goes up.

To come the boat into the planning mode you have to take into account a number of parameters:

  • boat hull design;
  • engine type and capacity;
  • screw size;
  • angle of engine inclination;
  • weight of cargo and its location in a boat.

The hull form of planning vessels is specially designed so that when vessel reaches certain speed the lifting force pushed the ship out of the water.

Engine power is also very important if you want your boat to go into the planning mode.

To come into the planning mode on a boat with an outboard engine you first need to “give full throttle”, and after the boat goes into planning mode, decrease the power at a half.

But what if the power is still a bit lacking? If the capacity is sufficient to maintain a boat in planning mode, but it is impossible to bring it to this mode?

In this case, you can set the engine to maximum and move the gravity center of the boat forward. For that you can move all the equipment, luggage or fuel to the prow. The trim of the vessel to the stern is reduced. This will reduce the value of the wave resistance and allow the vessel acquire a necessary speed and go into planning mode.