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Sooner or later all the owners of ordinary rowing inflatable boats come to the idea of improving their boats. And most often it comes to the acquisition of the engine. To install a new engine on the boat you need a special device – an outboard transom. Installation of the boat transom does not substantially alter its design, but provides additional opportunities in the form of increased speed. This transom is able to transform an ordinary rowboat in a high-speed motor boat.

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Outboard transom can be square or rectangular in shape, made of laminated waterproof plywood. The transom is covered with special paint that prevents corrosion. The outboard transom is easy to attach to the stern of the boat with the help of a special mounting.

The outboard transom has to meet simple requirements – to be highly strong, withstand the weight of the motor and suit to the boat’s frame construction.

Maximum capacity of the engine for the boats with outboard transom is up to 10 horsepower.

You can add a transom wheels to the outboard transom and make the transportation of your boat is much more convenient an easy.

The outboard transom is a simple way to transform your flat-bottomed boat into the fast-moving queen of water space!