AQUASTAR Company is known on Ukrainian market since the year 2005. Nowdays AQUASTAR is one of the largest production companies producing PVC inflatable boats.

AQUASTAR boats is well-known in Ukraine, as well as in other countries, including Austria, Germany, Belarus, Italy, Latvia, Turkey.

AQUASTAR Company has certified the first inflatable boat in Ukraine with six watertight chambers and 53 cm tube diameters. Tests showed that the boat with carrying capacity of 850 kg and 15 h.p. engine obtained the speed of 18km/hour with two depressurized chambers out of six.

The company pays special attention to the quality of its products. All products are certified and meet European standards. The CE marking on the boat confirms their compliance with the applicable EU directives and their safety for consumers (Directive 94/25 / EC 16.06.1994).


Our address: Office 219, 5, Ivana Kudri Str., Kyiv, Ukraine

Please, be sure to inform our managers before your visit to arrange a meeting time.

Store Sales Department is available on the phone numbers listed below
Opened Mon – Fri from 9:00 till 18:30

044 339-92-89 – for fixed-line phones subscribers

050 215-30-41 – for МТС subscribers

068 790-31-08 –for KYIVSTAR subscribers

063 409-48-29 – for Lifecell subscribers

The following features of all AQUASTAR boats are put into mass production:

  • adjustable FSD deck;
  • regulated system of seats’ fixation;
  • anchor groove at the prow;
  • protective bumper at the upper side of the transom;
  • protection handle under the keelson air valve;
  • spray-repelling plates between the transom and tube
  • convenient carrying handles;
  • welded hulls seams;
  • 5 year warranty for all boats.

The company aims to develop new directions while maintaining a high level of product quality and high service standards.

Advantages of AQUASTAR boats

  • safety due to the big tubes diameter
  • entirely welded hull seams
  • light weight
  • ergonomics
  • 5 year warranty
  • high service standards
  • wide range of accessories
  • protection against mechanical damage.

AQUASTAR wants to be the first not only in Ukraine, but in the world as well.

And we are very proud of it!