Палуба FSD с лодками


FSD deck is a type of boat deck consisting of three plywood strips fixed at the sides in the special-fastening pockets.

The deck is fixed by the high pressure in tubes. FSD deck is made of water-resistant plywood, 9 mm thick with a special anti-slip coating. This type of deck covers the bottom of the boat only partly. FSD deck is light weighted, compact and easy to install.  No need to install the deck every time you use a boat, you can just roll it up and pack with the boat. Installing a deck makes the boat bottom more steady and you can stand in it relatively comfortable.

A great budget option for small and light inflatable boats.

This type of deck will suit for the following AQUASTAR boats B-210, B-230, B-245, B-275, D-275, D-290, D-310, C-310, C-330,      C-360.