Some advice for those who wants to buy a rowing boat with an outboard transom

The outboard transom is a brilliant idea for small boats. The transom allows to put an engine and make the boat more fast.  The outboard transom has to meet two main requirements. First of all it should be qualitative and reliable. Secondly, it should be able to fix the engine in the correct working position.

The transom is very easy in use. It can be easily assembled and removed. The outboard transom is set into a special mount pocket which is already provided on board and then ties at the upper part of it. The entire installation takes about a minute.

Transom material is impregnated with special agents to resist water influence.

Outboard transom is designed for small boats and low-power motors up to 3 hp. More powerful engine can break the tubes, the screw will go under the bottom, and there is risk of boat damage.

A lot of customers ask what kind of engine will suit the best for the outboard transom  – gasoline or electric. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

Gasoline engine is heavier than the electric one but it is more practical. Such motor has more vibration. Vibration has a negative impact on the transom screws that can simply loosen. The screw of the gasoline motor at the outboard transom is submerged much lower than it’s required. In such a case don’t expect comfortable ride from a boat. At full capacity the engine will rake up under the boat and the boat will have a jerky movement.

You should always tie the motor to the boat with a rope or a cable. In case of transom mounting breakdown your engine will stay in the boat.

Electric motors are also used in boats with outboard transom. The most expensive and the most difficult part of the electric motor is the battery. And you should think about how and where to charge it. The length of electric motor can be adjusted to the height of the transom.

Looking at all that, why don’t you buy a boat with a fixed transom?