Some advice for those who wants to buy a motor keel boat

If you are fond of fishing, hunting or travelling you will need a good boat. So the best decision in this case is to buy an inflatable motor boat, which will meet all your needs and requirements.

Inflatable motor boat can be of two types: flat-bottomed and keel boats. Flat-bottomed boats are light, small and cheap. They are good for small ponds, lakes and quiet rivers. If your interests go far beyond you would better pay your attention to the motor keel boat. These boats have their own advantages and disadvantages but the aim justifies the means, and buying the keel boat, you are unlikely to regret the money spent.

So, let’s find out what is important to know before you purchase a keel motor boat.

  1. Keel size. The main function of the keel is to cut the wave, breaking it in two. The keel can be short or long, for the entire hull’s length. Short keel in the form of a step near the transom reduces the stiffness in the stern and affects the speed of the boat. Inflatable keelson for the entire hull’s length increases the area of contact between the bottom of the boat and the surface of the water. It has a V-shape, that allows not to glide over the waves, but dissect it.
  2. Rigid collapsible deck. The main distinctive feature and the main advantage of keel motor boat is a rigid collapsible deck, that is already installed in the boat. The deck is fixed by the tubes from the sides and by the inflatable keelson at the bottom. Such a construction gives the boat additional longitudinal rigidity and stability, so you can sit, stand and walk in the boat safely. You can even sit in a folding chair and relax.

Motor keel  AQUASTAR boat

  1. Speed. A keel boat is more speedy than a flatboat. It is possible to install an engine with power capacity up to 50 horsepower on it. Even with a low-powered engine and the same amount of cargo on board, your keel boat will move faster, than a flatboat.
  2. Engine. The best engine for motor keel boats is a two-stroke engine with 15 horsepower capacity and a weight of 34-36 kg. It can be installed and taken off by one person without much straining. CAIMAN and KILLER WHALE series keel motor boats were specially designed for the engine of 15 horsepower capacity.

Keel motor boats disadvantages

Keel motor boats have their own weak points, but they are few and they are not so essential. Keel boats are larger and heavier. It takes about 20 minutes to unpack and assemble the boat. Some owners keep the boat assembled in a special trailer, which is also takes up some place.

Motor keel boats are ideal for fishing, hunting and water tourism. They withstand harsh operating conditions and will serve for a long time.