Safety vest for children


When you spend holidays outdoors or resting with your children somewhere near the lake or river you should take care of their safety and security. Safety vest for children will provide you and your family calm and comfortable rest.

For little fishermen we offer a vest of popular camouflage color. This color helps to merge with the natural environment. The vest does not hinder the moves, it is lightweight, durable and comfortable.

The vest design allows you to adjust its size according to your needs. Four straps that can be tightened or loosen in order to adjust the vest size to your child’s constitution. At the bottom of the vest there is a separate extra strap that attaches between the child’s legs, so that the child does not come out of his vest while swimming or playing.

Camouflage safety vest is suitable for children of any age and constitution, with a weight from 30 to 70 kg. It is made of sturdy waterproof fabric with 2 cm thick polyethylene foam filler.