Safety vest for children


Children safety on water is the most important question  and all parents should pay a special attention to it. To have a quiet, comfortable and pleasant rest, the parents should take care of their children security and buy a safety vest. Safety vest allows the children to play near the water, swim, walk and feel comfortable. The vest is light-weighted, compact, does not hinder movement during games and outdoor activities ashore and in the water. Bright orange color does not allow the child to get lost of sight and you can always keep an eye on him. 

Новый рисунокAQUASTAR offers safety vests for children of any age and constitution, with a weight from 30 to 70 kg. The vest has a special design. Four adjustable straps are used to adjust the vest size  to the child’s complexion. At the bottom of the vest there is a separate extra strap that attaches between the child’s legs, so that the child does not come out of his vest while swimming.

The vest is made of durable and lightweight waterproof fabric.  It is filled inside with 2 cm thick foamed polyethylene which allows the child to float.

Reflective elements (reflectors), sewn onto the vest in front and on the back, allow not to lose sight of the child in the dark.