Сумка для насоса и ремкомплекта


When you plan to go fishing, hunting or on a distance water trip, you will have to think about your safety and comfort. It is better to have everything you need in case of your boat unexpected breakage or damage.

To cope with small troubles like scrapes or small holes when you are far from the coast you will need a repair kit. To keep the tubes inflated to the desired level you will need a pump.

A pump and repair kit are included into the basic set for all models of AQUASTAR boats.  Repair kit includes a tube of glue for PVC fabric and three types of patches: black and colorful, that suit to the color of your boat.  To keep the pump and repair kit in order during the journey we have packed them together in one bag. The bag can be attached to the rails with the help of shackles. This is very convenient as the bag is always on sight and within the arm’s length.