Тент транспортировочный


Transportation awning is used to keep the boat safe during its transportation on a car trailer. The awning is made of thickened PVC and covers the boat completely together with the bottom. Covered boat is protected from dust, dirt, moisture, pebbles, insects, birds, and other troubles that could spoil or damage its appearance. The awning is lightweight and compact. It takes up very little space when folded and can be conveniently stored in a car trunk or on the bottom of the boat.

This kind of awning can be also used for boat storage, but only in warm weather. To protect your boat from cold you have to use special parking tents and awnings made of more dense fabrics.

AQUASTAR offers parking tents and awnings made of waterproof fabrics, with elastic band around the perimeter that helps to pull the awning over a boat. The awning is very easy to put on, it is thick, strong and cannot be damaged or disrupted by wind.