Лодка с транцевыми колёсами


Transom wheels for inflatable boats may be a good decision which will help you to transport already equipped  boat to the water with ease and comfort. Transom wheels can be easily installed to the boat with the outboard or built-in transom.

Before installing please pay attention to the following:

  • the wheels must be in strictly vertical position to the transom, otherwise the wheels may interfere with the boat control;
  • the maximum possible width of the wheel track;
  • the distance between racks and tubes and between the wheels and bottom of the boat in the operating position;
  • the wheels have to be turned outwards regarding racks.

KT-1 transom wheels are made of high quality stainless steel. Racks are made of shaped tube 30x30x2 mm size, wheel diameter is 260 mm. The wheels are fixed on the basis with the help of the milled groove. KT-1 is a good choice and a great budget option for your boat.