Транцевые колёса на лодке


To deliver an inflatable boat to the place you need or pick it up to the shore you will need transom wheels. The wheels are mounted directly onto the outboard or built-in transom. Characteristics of wheel models must conform to the height and the weight of the boat transom. It is preferable to choose the transom wheels made of stainless steel. These wheels have a good performance and can be used in fresh water and seawater. Transom wheels can be chosen for any type of boats, they are easy to install and remove. Sturdy and reliable stainless steel wheels are mainly mounted on large boats with a rigid built-in transom.

AQUASTAR offers a wide range of transom wheels which is a real delight for all boats’ owner. Transom wheels are constructed using innovations that have no analogues in the similar models produced by other manufacturers. All models made by AQUASTAR are equipped with a spring mechanism inside the racks, which helps the wheels to travel on uneven surfaces without play and rattle. Bending rack is designed so that the wheels in the stowed position were located behind the transom and did not interfere with the boat control. There are models with extended transom wheels which can be installed on boats with inflatable low-pressure bottom. Installing such transom wheel is very simple as they do not have screws. You just snap them and they are ready for use.