Some advice for those who wants to buy a motor flat-bottomed boat.

Sometimes, making choice a lot of people understand that they cannot get “all in one” and they have to sacrifice something. The choice of the inflatable boat is not the exception. You will have to decide what is really important and what is not. First of all think of the following:

  • for what purpose you need a boat;
  • where you will use it;
  • what speed you need;
  • how many people the boat have to accommodate;
  • the weight of the cargo the boat can take;
  • what kind engine do you have (or you plan to buy).

The more precise answers you give, the more chances to make a right choice. Inflatable boats can be of two types: flat-bottomed  and keel. Both of them have their strong and weak points.

Flat-bottomed motor boats are the most common, they are light, compact, mobile and comparatively cheap. Even one person can easily assemble the boat and transport it to the water. But don’t expect the high speed from the boat – you won’t get it. The maximum capacity of the engine that can be installed on the boat is up to 5 horsepower. This is more than enough for small ponds, lakes, or rivers without flow. So, if you already have a low-powered motor or you plan to buy one the flat-bottomed boat will be the best choice.

Keel boats have better running characteristics, but in order to use them you should have a motor with 8-15 horsepower capacity. The engine with less power capacity will be completely useless – your keel boat won’t show any of its advantages.

So, it’s time to stop and make a choice. But time comes and each of us wants to change something in life. After a while people realize that they want more than they have – bigger boat, more powerful engine, more possibilities. 70% of those who have bought a flat-bottomed boat later transformed it to the keel boat or…bought a new one.

So think twice before making a final choice.

Good luck!