‎Невелика вага – головна перевага цієї серії. Вони займають зовсім небагато місця, якщо їх скласти, трохи більше, ніж упаковані намет або спальник.‎


‎Моторні човни з плоским дном. Найлегші в своєму класі моторні човни з вбудованим стаціонарним транцем. Призначені для малопотужних двигунів.‎


‎Моторні човни з плоским дном є найбільшими в своєму класі. Завдяки діаметру циліндра вони мають мінімальне занурення в воду. Їх легко виштовхнути в планерний режим.‎


These boats have the highest safety characteristics: they are stable and insubmersible. Designed for sailing in coastal waters at the height of waves up to 2 meters.


“Golden compromise” between the big weight and serious safety margin. Their aggressively raised bow makes it easier to handle through the waves.

Dingi RFD

Keel motor DINGI-RFD boats are based on flat-bottomed motorboats of DINGI series. They are the lightest in its class and have built-in motor boats stationary transom.

Caiman RFD

The middle segment among inflatable keel boats. They are much larger and more stable than small keel boats and not so bulky and heavy as large keel boats.




1. The hulls are entirely welded and have longer life due to the following reasons:

– The strength of the welded joint under +25C is 20% higher than the glued one, and 30% higher under +40C.

– Sea water contains bacteria eating glue and destroying the joint. Welded boats have longer life time in the sea.

2. BUSTER, DINGI and CAIMAN series boats are delivered packed into the hermetic backpacks of 150, 180 and 220 liters volume. The boat’s complete set (pump, oars and seats) are separately packed into the bag suitable for hand- or shoulder-carry.

3. The BUSTER series rowing boats have a unique design of the outboard transom. All boats have a removable transom for motor and wheels.

4. All boats are equipped with swivel rowlocks and collapsible oars.

5. All BUSTER series rowing boats are equipped with an additional outboard protection alongside the tubes, anchor grove for the anchor rope, safety rope and four handles.

6. The raised prow of BUSTER and DINGI series boats makes crossing the waves easier.

7. The user can easily transfer the DINGI and CAIMAN series motor flatboat into the keel boat by himself.

8. The upper end of transom is protected by the special rubber bumper.

9. All motor boats have a streamlined shape and designed to absorb the shocks of the waves during high speed ride.

10. K-400 and K430 boats are equipped with three inflatable keelsons to increase speed, capacity and shock-absorption.

11. The cones are designed to prevent the boat from capsizing in case the prow goes up before gliding.

12. All boats except FROG series are equipped with regulated system of seats’ fixation.

13. The deck of each boat has anti-slip coating.

14. We put the special protection crème at each boat before sale.

15. The basic set of accessories is much “richer” than any other, at more attractive price at the same time.

16. One person can easily assemble and disassemble even the biggest AQUASTAR boat.